The most oftener storylines in escape rooms

Zombie apocalypse

In these type of games, your mission is to escape from a room that is full of zombies and you have to solve puzzles to escape in time. But escape room games is a really good example of unique zombie escape games: There is one zombie chained to the wall, and every five  minutes the chain is released another foot from the wall!

Bank heist

Bank heist games are usually about crack safes and hack codes, by solving different puzzles. If you can’t complete the challenge in time the cops arrive and take you and your gang in jail!

Detective stories

Maybe that’s the most prevalent type of escape room game stories, because the favourite detective movies like Sherlock Holmes provide great basics for these type of games.

Bomb dismantling missions

Usually this type of rooms have the highest difficulty levels, and the coolest decors as well, thanks to the bombs that built by creative designers. Usually these rooms are the highlights of every game scenes


Never underestimate these kind of rooms, some of them really sick! Again, room designers really know how to freak you out! If you love horror movies and games, but you feel like, you saw everything that this genre can give you, horror escape rooms are real ‘must have’!


These games are try to copy the Ocean’s movies. The story, the design, everything is pretty much the same. If you are a fan of these movies, you should try a room like this at least once!

World War / Cold War

The storylines of these rooms usually don’t follow the history, it’s all about the style and design, which is great! Entering these rooms is like travel back in time, you can feel the vibe of those times immediately!