The stupidest questions that game masters ever heard

Are we really going to be eaten by a zombie?

Yes that’s true, even if it’s hard to believe that adult people can ask stupid questions like that! Maybe people watch too much Walking Dead! It’s a fact that zombies are living their golden era (again), they are classic subjects of movies and books, but please! Real Zombies doesn’t exist (yet)! At least these people make game masters smile which is positive! :D

Are we really going to be trapped forever?

Let me clear something: this is a game, not a fight for your life! You can leave the room anytime you want, even during the game. This is not the movie SAW where you have to solve bloody and violent puzzles to survive. It’ true that some escape room’s theme is that movie, but still, this is just a game! Not real life!

Can I bring my dog?

Some companies allow you to bring your dog or cat, but this is one of the stupidest thing to do, because the presence of the dog will influence the experience on a negative way, as you can concentrate on your mission 100% , you will feel uncomfortable in the room as you will have to share your attention between the dog and your teammates! So take our advice, and leave your favourites at home!