Escape games in Education


Everybody who knows escape room games should admit, that this type of entertainment could be really useful in education, especially if you think about the companies, who usually book these rooms to organize team building events, to help the employees to become a real team.

What escape game is?

A team is locked in a room, and they have to escape in time by solving riddles, combine objects, work together as a real team, helping the players to improve their problem solving skills, intelligence, and critical thinking capabilities. These are those features, that students really need to improve with the help of their teachers to become a successful adult.

Are there any attempts?

Fortunately yes. BreakOut Edu produce a kit that can transform any room in your building into an escape room experience, it designed for everybody, who like escape room games, but especially for schools and students to help improve their problem solving skills, to help make learning easier, and help become successful. You can learn more here: