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The biggest and best

In case you are interested in escape room games and want to know more about the genre, I can recommend you This is an escape game collector site, where you can find all the escape games around the world. Let’s take a closer look, what can you find on this site?

Most important

You can find all the existing escape room games in the world! Doesn’t matter which part of the Earth you live, you will find every escape games around you. This can be really useful when you go abroad, and want to have some new escape experience on the other part of the world.

Basic information

You can find all details and necessary information like the prices. Prices are up to the number of players, so you can find out how much does it cost if you go with your friends. Other information you can read about: The capacity of the room: That means how many players are able to play in the chosen room. You can find information about the storyline. This is one of the most information details because it’s really important to enjoy the role you play in order to enjoy the game. Other details: The number of the rooms, the contact information, you can find pictures and videos of the rooms and much more! Don’t forget to share the site with your friends!