Play escape games! But when?


If you plan to make this game as a part of the program, this should be the first one before you start to party hard! This game really needs all of your brain capacity, so it’s easier to start it when everybody sober. Usually, you have the possibility to hide presents in the room before you start to play, all you have to do is to call the game scene before you go to play and ask the game masters to help you!

Team building events

Companies books escape rooms really often to organize team building events. For them playing this game is really important, especially when they have new employers because the way they play and behave in an escape room tells a lot about their personalities and their abilities. They provide information for their bosses about their problem solving and team player skills, intelligence, and other personal features that could be important for company leaders.

You don’t need an occasion.

Basically, you can go out with your friends and family whenever you want. This game is about having fun with your loved ones, and escape games could be a perfect program on a Friday night.

The adventure experience cheers people up and makes the connections stronger between people, that’s why this game is not just fun, but useful at the same time.