What type of people you shouldn’t play with?

Escape games are made for everyone….or not?

Escape room games are excellent tools to bring people closer together, that is one of the reasons why companies organize team building events very often in escape rooms. But the fact is some people have really difficult personalities, and with their negative vibe, they can ruin the other players’ experience.

Embarrassing features:

Some people have a really negative vibe, what makes it really hard for them to be opened for the positive impulses, that causes unhappiness. After a long time, people start to get used to being sad, and they don’t even want to be happy, they try to find the reason why they should be angry or sad even in the most positive circumstances. It’s really hard to cheer ‘em up


Escape rooms are not ideal for people who have claustrophobia because some of the rooms are small. But on the other hand escape rooms could help to defeat claustrophobia. The game can cause the problem for people who have epilepsy because sometimes there are strongly vibrating lights on the scenes. It can be dangerous for pregnant women, as some puzzles need physical actions to solve them.  And one more important thing: Don’t play with people who are not the team player, because they are just blocking the other players.