Top 10 escape games for Android

1 Doors & Rooms series

Doors & Rooms is one of the best choices for escape room fans. More than 100 Rooms, all three games in the series seem to be equally good and should provide plenty of entertainment. This game also has hidden rooms, multi-room riddles, and a strength system that can be improved or damaged depending on the objects that you find and choose to use. The motto for this series is that the tools and items you need may not be in the room they’re required which makes the whole experience far more fluid and enjoyable.

2 Escape the Hellevator

Escape the Hellevator is a unique escape puzzle game experience that also includes a satisfying and entertaining story line. You play the role of a guy called Clarence Ridgeway who is currently riding the elevator to Hell thanks to a rather sadistic and brutal priest. Your job is to solve the riddles and survive the adventure. The game provides much fun and you can play the first two levels for free before being asked to buy the full game. This setup has angered some users, but the demo-paid method has been around for years and we don’t consider it a bad thing. It’s an excellent game.

3 Escape Titanic

Escape Titanic is one of many escape games that provides experience based on real-world full realistic experiences. In this game, you escape the Titanic as it’s making it’s final voyage to the depths of the ocean. It features 50 total riddles to deal with and it comes with an integrated hint system to help out so you don’t go down with the ship. The first chapter is free to play as a demo and then you’ll be asked to pay for the rest of the game.

4 Hellraid: The escape


The best thing about Hellraid is that despite the fact this game takes place in a torture chamber and other brutal scenes - complete with cages, skulls, skeletons, and prowling executioners - you can still find a piano and a chess board.

Some riddles just never go out of fashion, right? But while some of Hellraid's puzzles are a little played out, others - including one where you possess another creature in the level - feel really fresh and original.

5 The room

You don't actually escape any rooms in this game, in spite of the name. Instead, you poke and prod and tickle and paw at a riddle box in an engrossing race to see what's at the center.

But with its stunning visuals, unique atmosphere, and vibrating - but understated - narrative, it's undoubtedly the gold standard of the genre. The sequel is equally brilliant.

6 Mystery Manor

The lives of the Manor’s inhabitants have been shattered by a mysterious event that has seen the disappearance of their master, Mister X.

Mystery Manor sees you embark on a perpetual quest to locate objects, solve puzzles, question residents and avoid ghouls to progress through the endless trail of rooms.
The game will quite literally provide limitless hours of entertainment, as there is no final conclusion. What’s more, it’s easy to pick up and get the hang of, boasts great graphics and is completely free!


7 The submachine series


This series of games sees you embark on a variety of different escape / intrusion based quests. Sometimes you’re trying to get into a room, in others you must escape, but whichever challenge you choose to take on you’ll have to use all your cunning to navigate the various labyrinths and beat the puzzles.

The series features a multitude of different levels, all beautifully drawn and adorned with plenty of objects, each of which will at some point require your attention.


8 Neutral Escape Games


The Neutral series of escape games also sees you embark on a variety of different challenges aimed at helping you escape from a number of differently crafted levels.

The games rank from easiest to hardest according to their star ratings, and word is that there are new ones on the way. Again, the graphics here are top notch, and the handy in game saving option ensures that when you do finally have to drag yourself away from the game, you can pick up where you left off later.


9 Dooors


Again, DOOORS conforms to the simple formula of inspecting your environment to discover clues that might help you escape the room. What it adds though is a function whereby performing certain actions with your phone (such as tilting or shaking) will enable you to interact with objects in a different way – which could be the key to success.

This twist adds a pinch of imagination and innovation to the genre, and makes for good entertainment.


10 Factory96

In Factory96, you must escape the rooms by discovering the three digit code needed to unlock the door. Clues are hidden in and amongst the various objects littered around you, some of which can be picked up and saved for future use. A real test of your observation and logical reasoning skills.