How do escape rooms affect your brain?

Our brain is an extremely complicated and complex organ. So much so that the function of several parts of it are still unknown to scientists. It is clear, however, that escape room activities are beneficial for the development of the brain. Let us show you how.


Mental exercise


Just like any other organ, the brain works best if you keep it busy. During your everyday life you mainly do routine tasks, therefore you only follow thought patterns that you got used to. It’s not a problem though, on the contrary, there’s a very good reason why our body acts this way. Living without these routines would be extremely tiring, almost impossible - we receive tons of information day by day, and this way we don’t have to worry about evaluating and measuring each and every one of them. It’s an evolutional heritage. Just think about it: in the past if a saber-toothed tiger was approaching one of our ancestors, they could only survive the attack by choosing one of two actions immediately: fight-or-flight. However, a cave man who got lost in the chirping of birds during this critical moment probably did not survive the encounter. Nonetheless, abstract thinking brought humanity to the status where it is right now. It’s how we invented the stone axe, the bow or the flux capacitor (whatever it may be). So brainstorming has its rightful place and time, as we don’t want this ability to vanish. And for this purpose, an escape room is the perfect choice.


The right and left hemisphere


Our brain is divided into two major parts: the right and the left hemisphere. Let’s talk about them in a nutshell! The left hemisphere is like a super-intelligent computer, it’s responsible for the logical and rational thinking. Meanwhile the right hemisphere is an impulsive artist, that works for creativity and feelings. Everyone uses both hemispheres, but one of the sides is always dominant, it changes from person to person. The complex puzzles of escape rooms help your brain to make both sides work, because you need rational thinking and fantasy as well, just like data analysis, creativity, communication and enthusiasm.


The intoxicating success


Overcoming obstacles with great success can release a huge amount of endorphin in your brain and will cause happiness. The more difficult the task is, the greater your happiness will be after successful completion. It’s safe to say that you’ll be happy after the escape. That’s how simple it is. So let’s take the first step and book an escape room!