Team building ideas beyond pub crawls

Organizing corporate team building activities is a massive challenge, especially if the employees are of different ages and have different interests. This is why the simplest solution wins usually, which is to bring everyone together on a pub crawl - although with a little research, the team could enjoy a better experience than raising beer mugs. We have collected some of these.

Before we get too far from the bar counter though, let’s stop for a few sentences about pub crawls. “Everything in moderation” – there’s nothing wrong with taking our colleagues for a pub crawl every now and then. It only gets problematic if it’s at the expense of productivity. A lot of interesting stories can come up during a successful night out if booze lightens the mood, and if we worry about the team drinking one too many, we might be able to keep them from getting too tipsy with pub games or a quiz.

From charity cooking to exploration

Once we look beyond pub crawls, we really have to choose carefully, as we have to pick a fun pastime for all of our employees. First of all, we have to consider whether the team building should be mentally or physically active – maybe a little bit of both. If we really don’t want to make our dear employees move, we can organize a great culinary experience – cook something together! Everyone will find something to do and sharing family recipes can keep the conversation rolling. Enter a cooking competition at one of the summer events or join a charity cooking event. It’s not only fun, but also a positive bonding experience.

It may seem strange at first, but an exploration tour in the company’s headquarters town can be surprisingly refreshing to everyone, and it’s quite easy to implement. Many people do not pay attention to the architectural and cultural monuments in the everyday rush – offer them the opportunity to get to know the city better with a small detective game. While it’s free, the organizers need to be thoroughly prepared to engage the employees properly.

Let’s shoot each other or escape a room

It doesn’t require too much mental effort, but playing a game of paintball (or its indoor urban equivalent, laser tag) is an excellent way for stress relief. While a moderate level of cunning and strategy are also required, the focus will be on releasing stress and running and gunning. The teams can share their combat successes and wounds at the end of the game, and they will definitely mention the mini-war as a pleasant, exciting memory later on.

And the most important part of our list of course, the ultimate indoor activity as far as we are concerned – escape rooms. The focus shifts from physical exercises to brainstorming and cooperation. Since the task needs to be completed on time, the excitement ensures the right level of adrenaline, and each staff member can prove their ingenuity and add something to the team effort. In our experience, a successfully completed escape room reassures employees that they will also be able to overcome challenges in the workplace together and that they can rely on each other with confidence.