Escape Room Board Games

Maybe you’ve already played inside a real bricks and mortar escape room game, and are looking for a similar experience that you can easily play at home. Then welcome to the world of escape room board games. These games have all the same puzzles you might find in a real game, and playing them will require the same mind-set. Right now, with the actual escape room game only just coming out of infancy as a real game, it’s not surprising that so many board games are a relatively new phenomenon. 



  • Players: 1-6

  • Time: 60 Minutes

  • Designer: Sébastien Pauchon, Vincent Goyat

  • Publisher: Space Cowboys

  • Setting: Prison Escape, Hidden Treasure

  • Difficulty: Hard

UNLOCK! Comes with its own phone app that helps with the game play. Using this app you can keep time and the score. It also will give you time-based clues which can be both visual and audio, as well as input clues for solving puzzles and unlocking doors. The  game is card based meaning you have a number of cards along with the app to make your way through the game play.


  • Players: 1-6

  • Time: 45-150 Minutes

  • Designer: Inka Brand, Markus Brand

  • Publisher: KOSMOS

  • Setting: Laboratory

  • Difficulty: Hard

Essentially, the game has a large “Solution Wheel” into which you’ll input codes representing the solutions to the many aied puzzles. The game comes “front-loaded” with lots of information, meaning that you’ll have very little in the way of help as the game progresses. We should point out that this game is one of the toughest we’ve ever come across, and you might want to practice with some easier games before jumping into the escape room genre. Keep in mind that most of the clues are destructible, meaning that by playing them, you’ll need to destroy them.


  • Players: 1-4

  • Time: 180-300 Minutes

  • Designer: Jakub Caban, Matt Dembek, Bartosz Idzikowski

  • Publisher: Board & Dice

  • Setting: Hospital

  • Difficulty: Medium

This game is unique in that it can’t be finished in one sitting, but will need at least 2 - 3 sessions to get to the end. That’s because this game has a great story as well as many world building elements. Another point we should make is that this game is not really suitable for kids, as it deals in some pretty morbid themes. Essentially you're playing a father who is trying to awaken his daughter from a 2 month coma. During the game play, you’ll need to make any number of difficult decisions. And these will all have an influence on the game’s outcome. Though the game is not so difficult, it does have some adult themes, so we wouldn’t recommend it for kids.


  • Players: 2-8

  • Time: 30-90 Minutes

  • Designer: Juliana Moreno Patel, Ariel Rubin

  • Publisher: Mattel

  • Setting: Werewolf Mystery

  • Difficulty: Medium

This is one of the best games for capturing the very essence of what escape room games are all about. It’s also the only game listed here that uses actual ocks as opposed to apps, solution wheels or decoders. This gives the game a refreshing and novel feel that’s missing from many others. Though it is middling in difficulty,there’s certainty enough going on here with many puzzles that it should keep players of all levels occupied. 


  • Players: 3-5

  • Time: 60 Minutes

  • Publisher: ADC Blackfire Entertainment

  • Setting: 4 Unique Locations

  • Difficulty: Medium

This game comes with four typical escape room game scenarios. There’s a prison Break, a Virus, the Nuclear Meltdown and the Temple of Aztec. As such these are also the most common rooms you might have played in a real escape room. The game features a battery powered Chrono-Decoder which acts as the clock, counting down the remaining time. It also contains key slots that need to be used in a specific order, with specific keys in order to function. The level of difficulty will very much depend on the room you’re playing in. We suggest that you begin in an easier room and then gain some experience as you work your way through the rest.


  • Players: 1-6

  • Time: 30-90 Minutes

  • Designer: Martino Chiacchiera, Silvano Sorrentino

  • Publisher: dV Giochi

  • Setting: Trapped in a Laboratory

  • Difficulty: Easy

This game consists of a deck of 60 cards that you work your way through. Essentially, you turn over a card and try to answer the question posed. There will often be multiple choices for the answers, which you’ll then discuss with the other players. A wrong answer means you have to mark an “x” on the score sheet, before moving on to the next card. The ame play is very simple and is very easy as the wrong answers only affect your score, not the overall gameplay. It’s also a very small game, in physical terms, as it’s really just a pack of cards.



  • Players: 3-8

  • Time: 90 Minutes

  • Designer: Rebecca Bleau, Nicholas Cravotta

  • Publisher: ThinkFun

  • Setting: 1869 Haunted Manor

  • Difficulty: Beginner

As you progress through this game, the idea is that you're unlocking envelopes, as opposed to locked rooms. There’s a solution wheel which you can use to check your answers, and if the answer is correct ten you can go ahead and open an envelope. Inside you’ll find something that’ll al;oe you to continue the game. This game is very easy to solve and we would really only recommend it for absolute beginners or families with young children.