Escape Room Games Themes

It should come as no surprise that due to the huge popularity of scape room games that the number of themes and related narrative stories connected to these games is for ever growing. On the whole, once someone has played an escape room game once, then for the next game they're looking for something even more taxing or completely different, though still encompassing the whole escape room experience. To that end, if you go shopping around many escape rooms today, you’ll find thousands of different scenarios that have been designed to satisfy the ever hungry escape room fanatic. Son we’ve taken the opportunity to list some of the most popular genres and themes you'll find across escape room games industry.


Perhaps it's more due to the fact that many escape rooms are based in the basements of buildings in order to save rental cost, that the horror genre lends itself so well to being underground. The horror genre probably has the richest selection of narratives and stories of any other Escape room game. And of course, being horror there are any number of themes, whether aliens, escaped maniacs, mental hospital patients, and the ever popular zombies. The list is endless. If done well, then the horror scenario can certainly raise the blood pressure and will lead to a truly memorable experience. The trick is that the story needs to be believable or the game master needs to be able to create an environment that is totally immersive. Providing the riddles are related to the story then you're guaranteed a lot of visitors and repeat customers. After all, everyone enjoys a fright!


We tend to see these games have more of a family affair vibe to them. What's important here is the story design as well as any plot twist, which will have the whole audience in your pocket. In many cases, the narratives will have some historical significance, and by careful use of props, you'll have no problem in creating a period piece adventure game.


The very idea may sound pretty good, especially considering the fact that you don't need a massive story plot, as essentially, the players need to find their way out of a maze. But you will find setting up such an undertaking to be quite expensive, including the construction of the maze in the first place. Though you can have the usual puzzles and clues needed to solve any escape room, in order to escape the maze, we suggest that you place unexpected triggers and clues around the maze along with interesting tasks, which need to be performed as the game progresses. This will lift the game up and make it so much more stimulating and interesting.


In reality an escape room lends itself perfectly to the idea of playing out a story from the annals of a good old fashioned detective like Sherlock Holmes or Inspector Clouseau. You’ll need motivation plot points, and clues and puzzles, all within the reach of this theme. If you're a budget conscious owner, then this genre of using detectives is so much cheaper as the actual players become the detectives themselves, as they work through the puzzles and clues of the game. 

Action Escape Games

These are a combination of brains and brawn. Not only do you have to solve logical and mental puzzles, but you'll also have to perform any number of physical actions as well. When offering this type of game, you'll need to have a pretty good idea of the physical capabilities of the players who will be booking it. There's no point having a clue beneath a box weighing 200 kg or expecting everyone to climb a 12 meter rope to collect a clue hidden in the ceiling rafters. This is a relatively new sub-genre in the escape room space and it's already proving very popular with all players.


This involves using paid actors to up the ante and create a more immersive experience for the players. Beware that this is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, if you have a good actor then they can certainly help the players, and you will actually save on the costs of many puzzles, as a well trained actor can create many mental puzzles. On the other hand, if the actor is having an off-day or is simply a bad actor, this will leave a stream of disappointed players. You are more likely to receive negative reviews, as well as offering only a mediocre player experience in the first place. Nevertheless, you will find that there are a huge number of performance based escape rooms and we think it goes to prove that this sub-genre is working well within the escape room industry.

In Darkness

This is probably one of the newest sub-genre as in the escape room game space. It’s a bonkers idea, and is a game whereby the players are blindfolded. That’s right, they can’t see a thing. They are led into the escape room and then have to navigate their way around the play area using their other senses. As you can imagine, as an owner you can save a lot of money on both decoration and repair, as players will not see anything. When you are going to offer this, then we suggest you make the rooms absolutely safe as possible, as far as health and safety go, as players will be bumping into things. It’s probably worth pointing out that many of the clues and puzzles offered by most escape rooms are visually based, meaning that offering clues for the other senses are going to be quite limiting. We think that this game is going to require a lot of thought, as well as a lot of trial and error. But we’re sure that if you can get the formula right, then this could be an absolute winner, especially with repeat players.

Kids Games

One thing we still haven't been able to understand, is why are there so few escape rooms offered games especially catering for children, as it appears that is a huge marketplace waiting to be “exploited.” You'll have to tailor your clues and riddles for the particular age group on hand, but you can save a lot of money on decoration as a child's expectations are much more limited than that of an adult. We feel that if you offered games especially catering towards youngsters then you would capture the birthday party market pretty much instantly. Also parents are always looking for ways to offload their children. Something like an escape room, which has a combination of intellect, logic and logical skills, is going to be right up their street, and offer the perfect excuse for them.


Usually these revolve around a narrative that has alien spaceships and other science fiction themes. Depending on the design, and the quality of the puzzles and riddles, this can create an excellent immersive experience, and can stand out from other efforts across the local escape room marketplace. Having said that, there is going to be some considerable cost involved for the owner as electronics, good set decorations and cool props and the like are expensive to acquire and set up.